Athletic Fundamentals of Golf Assessment

The Background

Coach Kendal: “Together, we turn science into distinct feels in your golf swing. I felt is was important to quantify the principles I was using to assess movement and golf technique so I co-wrote a 3-D motion capture program that provided the ability to assess movement and events during the golf swing that were impossible to quantify with the naked eye. Once we gathered the data, our biggest priority was to make the information relevant to the end user – the player. By relevant we mean the findings lead to a small number of drills and exercises that have an immediate impact on performance.”

The Solutions

The usefulness of any assessment is judged by the improvements that a golfer can make once assessed. The assessment and our solutions are based on the 8 Athletic Movement Principles. The consistent use of the 8 Athletic Movement Principles makes it easy to speak about drills, exercises and golf technique using the same vernacular. The 8 Athletic Movement Principles  provide a platform for a fully integrated system of assessment, training, technical skill development and cognitive learning that is simple and fun to use.

The Athletic Fundamentals of Golf Assessment

Once you complete an intake form and brief interview (we want to know your specific goals and objectives!) we take your through a series of exercises that test your ability to move athletically. We also test your ability to apply these same exercises to hitting a ball, this will  create enough context for you to identify your swing tendencies.

Once we identify your movement tendencies we can prioritize drills that will allow you to correct your swing technique with better movement. This can be done very simply starting with one or two exercises that create specific feels in your swing. 

The Training Process

Once we have identified your movement tendencies and swing faults, we can empower you to take control of your game by teaching you how to think about movement using the 8 Athletic Movement Principles, the basis of the Athletic Fundamentals. You can understand cause and effect and make real time adjustments on the golf course with an applied knowledge of the 8 Athletic Movement Principles. One or two simple exercises will become the basis for correcting any swing fault. 

8 Athletic Movement Principle Training has proven to create effective transfer of movement skills to your golf swing. This is dependent on your skills becoming automatic or instinctive. We have found that golfers gradually gain the ability to play golf as a reaction sport – reacting to all the inputs they get on the course; target, lie, wind, game situation – and responding in an instinctive, automatic, adaptive manner in every aspect: strategy, shot selection, rhythm, mental composure and the ability to regulate their behavior.

Automaticity is a product of many repetitions. No one has ever started the program with perfect form but many have shown mastery of the drills with consistent practice and attention to improving their ability to move within the 8 Athletic Movement Principles, fine tuning nuances of movement in every training session. Advanced students will do the same drills as beginners but may have thousands of different subtle feels for the same exercise, this is one aspect of training fundamentals – complete mastery of a single, simple exercise. As you add mastery of one exercise to another, your expertise grows exponentially.

Integration of the 8 Athletic Movement Principles with Swing Mechanics

The 8 Athletic Movement Principles were developed to help golfers fully integrate their training with their technical golf skills. You will learn to think critically and creatively and apply the principles to identify, trouble shoot, and solve specific issues.