The 8 Athletic Movement Principles

As I studied the golf swing and how to incorporate the Med Ball exercises into my teaching, I identified the what I call the 8 Athletic Movement Principles.

1). Midline: You are strong and balanced with your hands neutral on your Midline. Your hands and arms move close to your Midline for maximum control and power. In order to properly Sequence your Med Ball Throw and your golf swing, you must synchronize or control the relationship of your arms to your Midline as you move and throw the Med Ball (or swing the club).

2). Centre of Gravity Control: You are strong and balanced when you hold an object close to your Centre of Gravity. Control of your Centre of Gravity and the Med Ball will allow you to move athletically in balance and throw the Med Ball with accuracy, power, and consistency. You must be able to control your own Centre of Gravity, lowering it to increase your Physical Advantage and generate Ground Reactive Force to develop more accuracy, power, and consistency in your golf swing.

3). Midline + Centre of Gravity Control = Physical Advantage: When you hold an object on your Midline close to your Centre of Gravity, you have Physical Advantage. When you throw the Med Ball from your Midline and you are able to manage your Centre of Gravity and the centre of gravity of the Med Ball, you are creating Physical Advantage.

4). Gathering: Gravity is a constant, consistent timing mechanism for your swing that can assist you in Gathering the Med Ball or golf club on your Midline with a regular tempo. Use gravity to help set the speed of your transition as you Gather the Med Ball on your Midline close to your Centre of Gravity and create Physical Advantage.

5). Centripetal Force: The power of the golf swing is generated on an arc. Maintain your position to establish your swing axis as you rotate the Med Ball on an arc to create centripetal acceleration or acceleration on an arc.

6). Heavy Point: The Heavy Point happens under your Centre of Gravity on your Midline. Feel the Heavy Point to release the Med Ball at the bottom of the arc. A Med Ball released at the Heavy Point will fly accurately and consistently on a tangent from the arc.

7). Ground Reactive Force: Generate Ground Reactive Force with efficient leg action and footwork. Use the pelvis, hips, knees and feet effectively to manage your Center of Gravity and generate power in double support (both feet on the ground) to deliver power through your arms to the club and ball.

8). Integration: Apply the concepts of Midline, Centre of Gravity Control, Physical Advantage, Gathering, Centripetal Force, Heavy Point and Ground Reactive Force to create shot shapes and trajectories.

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